The below-mentioned products are examples for our competence and flexibility in this field.
You can rely on our know-how and be sure that we will develop approriate solutions for you.

1 | Airbag tape

Tapes for airbag fastening systems to sew on or to mould on

2 | Airbag label

Printed labels, cut and folded

3 | Fastening tape for batteries

Fastening tape to retain loose component parts such as batteries


4 | Fastening tape 

Tapes to fix component parts


5 | Isofix label 

Printed labels, cut and folded

6 | Sling release for back rest 

Release slings, with printed or woven logo, also with moulded parts or stamped holes

7 | Seam reinforcing tape

Seam reinforcing tape with tight selvedges and bias binding in different width, flame retardant

8 | Fastening tape for batteries 

Fastening tapes for spare wheel, breakdown kit, warning triangle, first-aid box, umbrella etc., available in different widths and colours


9 | Tubular tape

Tubular tapes with different tube openings, available from 12 to 50 mm width


10 | Sling release for hatch

Release slings, endless or cut to length, also available with changing widths

11 | Side airbag tape 

Side airbag tape, available in 20 and 25 mm width 


12 | Tunnel-tie 

Tunnel-tie with woven cord for stretching of seat covers, e.g. with sewing markings and slots


13 | Reinforcing tape for spoiler

Reinforcing tapes for component parts or hinge tapes