At our three plants, we produce over one million meters of textile narrow fabrics and ship these around the world every day.

Main Plant Gütersloh

Plant space: 15,700 m2
Number of employees: 240

Güth & Wolf GmbH
Herzebrocker Str. 1-3
33330 Gütersloh

Branch Plant Gütersloh

Plant space: 7.500 m2
Number of employees: 25


Güth & Wolf
Unter den Ulmen 68
33330 Gütersloh 

Branch Plant Friesoythe

Plant space: 10.300 m2
Number of employees: 65


Friesoyther Bandweberei Güth & Wolf GmbH & Co. KG
Sedelsberger Str. 33
26169 Friesoythe