From consulting to development and production, all the way to shipping.

Technical sales

Güth & Wolf offers custom solutions for all your needs. Bring all your questions and challenges to us: we’re at your side from the technical consultation to the
final delivery.

Technical design

We’re the specialist partner for exclusive customer-specific developments, patent solutions, utility models and prototypes. Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you.


Every year, we take delivery of – and process – around 4,000 tonnes of yarn.

Yarn inspection

Before working, all our yarns are inspected in our own laboratory. The material is not released for further working unless it meets our demanding quality standards.


The skein, or groups of threads, are wrapped parallel on state-of-the-art
aluminium weft beams with uniform tension.During weaving, the threads form
the longitudinal direction of the tape.


A weave is created by crossing the thread systems warp and weft at right angles. Warps, singly or grouped, form a shed, through which the weft thread is inserted by a shuttle or weft needle. We create a wide range of weaving patterns using computer control or control chains.

Our current shuttle weaving processes operate on the same principle as
centuries ago, though of course significantly modernised. Today, machine
qualities can be woven at speeds of up to 2,200 weft insertions per minute.


Crossing of a single thread system in different orientations and angles creates braids with high flexibility. Our plant in Friesoythe is a high-performance braiding operation.

Dyeing / finishing

Depending on the specific requirements, the woven textile narrow fabrics are continually dyed, digitally printed or receive an abrasion resistant or fire retardant finish in our final processing.

Made-up parts

Here, it’s all about the details. The fabrication steps for made-up products enable us to offer the desired further processing as well as individual detail solutions. Cutting, hole-punching, sewing, inserting grommets or injection-moulding plastic parts – we can offer special finishing even for the finished made-up products.


Screen process
In the screen process, customer designs are printed on the textile narrow fabrics in up to five colours.

Digital printing 
The digital printing process enables multi-colour customer artwork and even
virtually photorealistic motifs to be printed on the textile narrow fabrics.

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Final inspection

Our finished textile narrow fabrics are regularly inspected on a sampling basis. Properties tested include tear resistance, shrinking behaviour, waterfastness, burning behaviour and much more.


Large-scale format
We deliver on rolls, rings, on itself, loose or laid in cartons.

Small-scale format

  • Automatic fabrication of self-service cards
  • Coupons and cutting boards for department stores
  • GOLFBAND® for haberdashery goods

Shipping and storage

The ordered merchandise is packed and the necessary papers such as invoices and customs documents are prepared according to the customers’ requirements. The packaged merchandise can be held for pickup or dispatched. Every day, we ship over one million meters of textile narrow fabrics all over the world.